Palmolive Hair Chat

The Project

Colgate-Palmolive matched their mass media launch for Palmolive Naturals with a social marketing campaign that included a Facebook page and app. The page had videos, hair and skin care tips, surveys, and a full-featured hair chat app. The chat app enabled users to interact directly online and discuss the benefits of the products.

The Work

After studying the functions and potential of the social networking platform, we brainstormed features that would meet Palmolive’s marketing objectives. Chief among them was a video hosting and submitting engine on Facebook itself. We built an appealing user interface to entice customers to join the online contests and chats. It allowed visitors to exchange video as well as chat and text tips on Palmolive Naturals products.

The Result

During the campaign cycle the page generated over150,000 Likes and more than 10,000 conversions, demonstrating a successful extension of the brand in the social space. The app was so successful that we are currently developing a similar app for the Colgate Freeze product, which will also include Android and iOS apps that use the smartphone cameras to share video over Facebook.


Palmolive Naturals Facebook app is no longer accessible. It was closed at the end of the campaign