MMDA Traffic Navigator

The Project

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Manila’s traffic and urban planning organization, commissioned this app to help motorist navigate traffic in one of the largest cities in the world where heavy traffic is a daily experience. During rainy season, floods are also common. The purpose of this app is to inform users where the heaviest traffic is, which roads to avoid, and what alternative routes to try.

The Work

Designs from the iPhone version of this app were fully revamped to leverage Windows Mobile features and ensure a road-ready user experience. After the basic feature-set, structure, and coding framework were established by the lead developer, four coders built out the functionality in parallel, with each one developing a feature-focused module (e.g. Virtual Maps). The app took 10 weeks to complete.

The Result

The MMDA was very happy with the results and approved the app. Over 8,000 Windows Mobile users downloaded the app and many provided positive reviews, for example, “This is cool. I can use it every day.”


MMDA Traffic App on the Windows Phone Store