The Project

Social Gaming Network (SGN, formerly MindJolt) is one of the largest online game publishers, with over 150 Million games installed on mobile and social platforms. With gamers moving increasingly to mobile (60% of US gamers play on their mobile phone), SGN wanted to capture this emerging market by building an iPhone/iPad gaming platform to contain its popular online games in a single native app, while retaining the social component of their offering.

The Work

Working from Flash games that MindJolt developed for online gameplay, we built a native iOS app for nine popular MindJolt games. The app is loaded with rich graphics and highly responsive interaction powered by a custom gaming engine that handles game physics like object smoothing and collision.  To maintain the social element of the games, we build a Cloud-based leaderboard that allows users to compare their scores by day, week, and month. We also build in-app connections to Facebook and Twitter to allow gamers to share and compare their scores with Friends and Followers.

A team of four people worked on this project including two developers, a graphic artist to refine the graphic assets, and a quality assurance specialist to ensure that all functional objectives were met.

The Result

MindJolt has been downloaded over 500,000 times, contributing to SGN’s 45 million mobile installs.


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