The Project

Devex is a Web-based resource serving over 500,000 development professionals and is the largest provider of business intelligence, recruitment and news services to the international development community. We built Devex a web-based newsletter generator to help them keep in touch with their diverse membership. This tool generates a range of newsletters types complete with user access levels and user-configurable styling.

The Work

This project replaced a proprietary tool that was not very usable or flexible, and often frustrated its users. The newsletter generator automatically extracts content from a database and inserts it into newsletter templates. Administrative staff create templates and set which sections are editable. Basic users can then populate the template to create a newsletter.

This dynamic content solution was built using Liquid Markup for Ruby on Rails over a Mongo database. This team applied the Agile/Scrum development model for this two month project. A working prototype was delivered in the first month and the rest of the features completed in the second month.

The Result

Newsletter development became a much easier task and time to publication was significantly reduced, enabling staff to focus on their core responsibility: recruiting new members. Devex membership continues to grow since the newsletter generator was deployed.


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