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Code Crew recently had the opportunity to develop a branded app for Microsoft PixelSense (known as the Surface until June 2012). PixelSense is essentially an interactive tabletop device with platform software provided by Microsoft and hardware, called the SUR40, provided


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With the explosion in the number of mobile devices in consumer’s palms, marketers are looking for ways to exploit the mobile opportunity, and key among them is rolling out a branded mobile app. However, developing a mobile app is a challenging undertaking for software developers, and good marketers need to understand the issues facing their peers on the development side in order to design the best branded app possible.

Info-Tech Indaba conducted in-depth interviews with mobile developers on the state of the market. This report analyzes the main challenges faced by mobile developers and also takes a look at the emerging area of cross-platform development tools.

What’s in the Report

This report covers these key mobile development challenges:

  • Designing the mobile user experience
  • Programming and testing on multiple devices
  • Discoverability
  • Patching and updating apps
  • Managing client feedback

In addition, this report explores cross-platform development options that address issues of widespread devise fragmentation in the mobile world.

Understand the challenges of mobile development by downloading and reviewing Info-Tech’s Mobility Research: Developer Challenges and Cross-Platform Solutions.

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If you are considering offshore outsourcing of application or Web development you have a myriad of geographic locations to choose from, including Eastern Europe, Latin America, India, China, and the Philippines. The Philippines provides a large skilled labor pool, strong infrastructure, and low cost with only a few risks to mitigate for, according to this Info-Tech Research Group report.

What’s in the Report

A critical part of choosing the right offshore software development partner is understanding their geographic location and how that impacts service quality and cost. To take the guesswork out of the offshore decision making process, Info-Tech undertook a detailed analysis of key low-cost offshore destinations, including extensive interviews with clients and vendors.

This in-depth examination of the Philippines as an offshore IT location includes:

  • Info-Tech’s rating of the Philippines on eight key evaluation criteria.
  • Detailed explanations of where the Philippines stands on factors such as language skills, affordability, and resource availability.
  • The Philippines’ pros and cons as an offshore outsourcing location.
  • Recommendations on when to and when not to outsource to a Philippine-based application or Web development provider.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Philippines as an offshore destination for IT outsourcing by downloading and reviewing Info-Tech’s in-depth evaluation.

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The strong growth in mobile learning or “mLearning,” particularly the use of the iPad as a training platform among pharmaceutical and medical device companies, has motivated Code Crew to launch a new service line. The new mLearning services span the

Howard Kiewe, Code Crew President, is on the road and coming to a city near you. He will be meeting clients, colleagues, and prospective clients in London, Toronto, New York, and San Francisco during Sep-Oct 2012. This is a rare